Corporate Profile


Artificial Leather and Trade Koll. Sti. Founded in 1968 by the brothers Nuri, Abdulkadir and Kemal Kuyucu in Gaziantep, it has been active as auto flooring, table, carpet and flooring business. In 1988, Kemal Kuyucu was transferred to Fatih and Orhan Kuyucu brothers and sisters. has started to produce PVC curly mat under the name of Kar-Mat brand.

As a result, we continue with our ability and intelligence, workforce and principles (both moral and commercial), maturity and determination. We would like to extend our gratitude to our associates and our trustworthy friends who trust us in this matter and we are proud to announce that our success will continue to go further as we continue to trust and support you, and to help us make better sign on behalf of our country.